Friday, February 12, 2010

Some Milani Welcome Back Color swatches

These were BIG disappointments. I was so excited to find these in the drugstore but they just totally let me down. Chronicled before you is exactly how I swatched them: I ended up not swatching the fourth and final one because I just got so fed up with disappointment.

Milani Starry Pink

It started out okay. I actually kind of liked this peachy hot pink. And even though it swallowed the glitter a little bit, I was thrilled with the small and bar glitter. Very easy application for the first two coats... but less easy for coats three and four. And when I got up to four and still saw VNL, I decided to just stop: it was getting too thick, the sun was threatening to go back into hiding (so I didn't have time to wait for it all to dry before putting on another coat). I think this one would've been helped by being a bit more jelly.

Milani Gleaming Green

I sighed in relief when I started apply this. A bit more sheer but the shimmer was welcome. Even though shimmer has the potential to obscure cool-looking holo glitter, this sap green with an olive-y cast (and gold shimmer) definitely handled the holo glitter better than the semi-jelly Starry Pink polish. Three coats, still some VNL it definitely looked better (IMO). It was at least playful and sparkly. Starry Pink didn't have that much sparkle...

Video of Gleaming Green

Milani Sparkling Blue

Here we have an azure semi-jelly with holo small and bar glitter, similar to Starry Pink. I started applying it and knew before I put on the second coat that it was going to be like Starry Pink: in need of at least four thin coats... and I wouldn't be rid of VNL for all my trouble. So I stopped at two coats.

Video of Sparkling Blue
The glitter shows up great on the bottle. But it doesn't transfer quite as well to the nail!

When I saw that Flashy Orange was another semi-jelly that would turn out like Starry Pink and Sparkling Blue, I kinda just up and quit. (Like I said, the sun was going in and out and I had better polishes to swatch using these few precious daylight hours.) I always feel like I'm a failure as a polish blogger: shouldn't I be creating lemmings and not destroying them? ;) Not that my one opinion could single-handedly destroy intense lemmings but still...!