Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sigh, an emergency nubbinization and an iNOTD

This morning, I slammed my hand into the bathroom door and my right index fingernail snapped off. It was NOT cool. But I figured I might as well just file down all my nails. Not to match my right index but to match my left index that had a break that I've been attempting to grow out. And I remember why I don't like having shorter nails: they are impossible to shape nicely and evenly given the way my nails grow. :( See?

Nfu.Oh #059

Iridescent (gold-green) flakies in a burgundy jelly. A bit thick and hard to apply: definitely not my favorite Nfu.Oh. And it took forever to fully dry (the mani is already ruined five hours after application). It does have a burning embers look but the iridescence of the flakies do not translate at all in most lights.

Argh, okay. Back to filing...