Thursday, February 18, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Concrete Jungle and Starry Night

Diamond Cosmetics sent me two new polishes a few weeks back to review along with some treatments including a matte topcoat. I didn't have time to review the treatments but I did manage to get some swatching in the other day!

Diamond Cosmetics Concrete Jungle
This is the lighter version of the RBL polish of the same name: a greyed-out light blue creme. Two coats, a bit thicker than usual, but still easy breezy. It seems a little plain to me though.

Diamond Cosmetics Starry Night

I thought this was going to be a somewhat boring black but it's actually surprisingly pretty. It goes on smoothly in two coats and is very glossy. But what's surprising is that the sparse shimmer inside the black is actually iridescent. Some other blogger (I'm forgetting who it was) described the shimmer as "oil slick" and I think that's a pretty apt description. The video shows how the shimmer reflects light.

Video of Starry Night

I will have the results of the Orly Sweet polish giveaway on Monday! With the extra Tweeting and all, it's going to take me a little bit to organize how to randomly pick the winner. :) I REALLY appreciate everyone who participated... thank you so much. And thank you so much for doing my survey! It will help me a lot. I do have a second survey in the works that I hope to have up before the month is over... and with that, several more polishes to give away! :)