Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Colour Therapy: Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm

I'm having a stressful week in lab (as in I've already spent several hours crying...) and I seriously need to pull it together. My polish colour choice usually reflects the mood I'm in, but this time I'm trying to create a state of mind with my polish - a state of mind I'm definitely not in. I'm frenzied, agitated, and extremely jumpy when what I need to be is a calm, cool, and collected lady. Not only does the name of 'Dead Calm' imply the cold-blooded spy-taking-out-a-target sense of focus that I need this week, but the colour is also completely chic, which somehow empowers me to say 'no' more easily to people who demand things from me.

Here she is, my colour therapy for the week, Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm:

Now I've extolled the virtues of RBL before, but I really can't get enough of this brand. I've already talked about the colour a bit and you can judge it for yourself. It's the perfect dark blue creme - it never looks black, feels sexy, and gets you noticed - all without being 'loud'. Honestly, I don't think I'll want another deep blue creme again.

The reason this polish is so utterly exceptional though is the formula. This was one coat - one single teeny-tiny measly coat! Yes, ladies (and gents, you guys could most certainly rock this too!) this is a low-maintenance dark polish that is highly pigmented, dries quickly, and wears like the iron that I have come to expect from RBL.

Do you guys try to use polish to change your mood? Does it work? I hope everyone is having a relaxing and calm week! ;)


PS Still cell phone new digital camera and I are fighting. :(