Thursday, February 11, 2010

Milani Halloween 2009 swatches

For $4.50 a pop, I'm not usually inclined to indulge in Milani polishes. I've had bad luck with them in the past (I find them pretty sheer and hard to build) but sometimes, they just look too good to pass up! My local CVS seems to run a season or two behind so I got overexcited when I saw the Milani Halloween 2009 and Welcome Back Color Collections a few weeks back... and bought a whole bunch. And ended up returning a whole bunch. (Yay CVS return policy!)

Swatches du jour will be of the Halloween collection (even though I'm not finished swatching all of the ones I have). Tomorrow, I'll have four of the Welcome Back Color collection polishes.

(I miss my longer nails already.)

Milani Fairy Tale

I did this swatch at night using a lightbox so it's harder to see how bright and sparkly the blue glitter is in this black jelly. This was three coats and a very easy three coats. These polishes are meant to be at least two coats: otherwise, the glitter has no depth. I absolutely adored this polish. It's such a simple idea but so beautiful. So worth the $4.50!

Milani Charmed

OMG. This is the PERFECT silver-glitter-in-black-jelly polish. It is absolutely chock full of silver glitter and the silver glitter just SPARKLES like nothing else. And the application was totally flawless: I had perfect control of the polish and of the brush. (Check out the gap: it's not the definition of gaply perfection but it looks like I actually did clean-up! And I did none. Ahh, I love polishes that let me be a lazybones.)

Video of Charmed

I don't expect that Enchantment or Magical will be as amazing because the glitter isn't as bright but I have high hopes for the same silky ease of application. I have no idea when I'll be able to swatch them next though... swatches really are much better when I can do them in sunlight