Sunday, February 28, 2010

E.L.F. swatches

These polishes cost $1 each. And I'm not sure they are worth that much.

E.L.F. Plum
Jelly plummy purple shade, almost brown if I got it opaque. This was three coats and was very sticky. It might've been improved with some thinner but the brush was so cheap that it resembled a broom. A big broom.

E.L.F. Hot Pink
Three coats, more of a hot coral jelly than a hot pink. The brush was actually not horrible for this one but the color didn't seem exceptional to me, either in shade or in application.

E.L.F. Chocolate

This was a gorgeous, rich chocolate brown polish (and yes, worth $1). Again, brush like a broom. But two coats, perfectly opaque and glossy. For that, I may be willing to brave the broom brush again. :P my verdict is that I'm probably never going to buy any E.L.F. polishes again. I'm glad I got to try them out though: who knows what $1 brand will turn out to be fabulous?