Friday, March 4, 2011

OPI Pink Me I'm Good (Ulta Exclusive... or is it?)

Ugh. I was SO excited when I found this (supposedly) Ulta exclusive OPI polish in my local CVS. And then it turned out to be awful on me. (Also, I hadn't shaped my nails for a little while when I took these photos and thought I could get away with it. I could not.)

OPI Pink Me I'm Good

Hot pink jelly with gold square glitter. It looks like there may be more than one color of glitter but I can't be sure of that. It might just be the pink jelly color playing tricks on me. I think maybe this could be better with thinner? It was just REALLY goopy. And because it's a jelly, it needs at least three coats to be opaque. Surprisingly, it was pretty opaque by the third coat but... it was also pretty thick and falling off my fingers. I had to snap this photo FAST.