Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Layout, New Design, Same Level of Excitement!

Hey everyone!

I feel as though I haven't been here forever (and really, I haven't).  I just wanted to drop in to mention that my fellow PoP bloggers and I are very excited about unveiling our new layout tomorrow, just a couple of weeks shy of our one year anniversary! 

There are tons of great things happening here at PoP. We are so very thankful for our fans who have helped make this place great and have really driven our efforts to improve the site. We hope you enjoy the changes as much as we do - constructive comments welcome - and we hope you'll keep coming back for more!

The new look launches on July 1st (Happy Canada Day! to all of our Canadian friends).  Please be aware that there may be site disruptions during this time... I'll do my best not to have things down for too long! ;)

See you soon!
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My recent franken efforts

***PSSSST!!! A change is coming to PoP. Stay tuned.***

I wanted a little family of darkened jelly glitters. China Glaze does these so well, but a couple of them are very wrong for my skin tone (Ruby Pumps, Dorothy Who) so I thought I would attempt my own.


(2 coats - forgive the tear plz)

2 Parts Brucci Black + Blue, 1 part random red jelly, 1 part Color Club Tru Passion.


(3 coats)

2 parts Brucci Black + Blue, 1 part Sation silver glitter, 2 parts Color Club Sexy Siren.


(2 coats)

2 parts A! Raisin, 1 part random red jelly (this was a mistake), 1 part Color Club Art of Seduction (this should have been 2 parts instead of 1 part red jelly), couple dollops gold glitter (wish there was more).


(2 coats)

So sad about this one. Wanted it to be much more teal than it ended up. For whatever reason, the green completely overpowers the blue despite there being pretty much equal parts of each in there.

1 part Nfu-Oh 569, 1 part Brucci Black+Blue, 1 part Sexy Siren, 1 part Object of Envy.

***PSSSST!!! A change is coming to PoP. Stay tuned.***
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On-the-fly mall swatch: Chanel Paradoxal v $OPI Metro Chic

My Nordstrom got Chanel Paradoxal in today, and I know a lot of you (like me!) have been foaming at the mouth to see this one in action!

Before I paid the Chanel fee, I was curious to see how this matched up to Sephora by OPI Metro Chic - the scuttlebutt was that Paradoxal might be its darker, more brooding sister. So I quickly swatched Paradoxal at Nordie's and headed over to Sephora to swatch MC, so you're seeing very sketchy mall swatches here!

In all the pics, Paradoxal is the darker of the two. I don't know if I think that these two are sisters - maybe half sisters? They definitely from the same genre and the colour try to evoke a similar smokey, sexy, neutral-ish feeling. However, Metro Chic has a malted-milk creaminess to it that is lacking in Paradoxal - plus, it is much lighter and has more 'taupe' flavour to it - whereas Paradoxal is plummier. Paradoxal has that famous subtle Chanel shimmer - but trust me, it's very subtle. Especially for those of us thinking of wearing it in the Fall/Winter season, I think the shimmer is going to show itself only rarely. If you're considering this, I wouldn't factor the shimmer into your decision - if you don't like the base colour, you're not going to enjoy it.

What do I think?? I LOVE it! This was pretty much made for me - it's greyed out, sort of neutral, and purplish. I love edgy neutrals and I love purple, so this is perfect. Plus, the formula was lovely so that gives it some more points. Needless to say, I bought it. I will probably wait until the Fall to really get wear out of this though.

Just wanted to show you really quick!!


PS Don't forget to tune in July 1 for our NEW and IMPROVED site, courtesy of mKat!!!! It's going to be amazing :)
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China Glaze Vintage Vixen, Part III of III

First thing's first: expect a new layout very soon! mKat's been hard at work and we should have our spiffied up new website up by the weekend. We're aiming for Thursday, July 1st for the big launch! So if you come here on Thursday and find it looking VERY different, don't freak out... it's still us, just spiffier. All designed by the ultra talented mKat. The banner, of course, was designed by Heidi, one of our readers.

But enough talk. Onto swatches of the rest of the Vintage Vixen collection that China Glaze sent me! I had waited for a day with lots of sun but it's been overcast for the past few days so I had to make do...

China Glaze Goin' My Way?

I thought this was going to be blah. But it turned out to be a very glossy, burnished bronze that applied like a dream. It looks like it might be a mahogany shimmer with a ton of gold shimmer thrown in. Two coats, super smooth.

China Glaze Bogie

I did my nails in the semi-gloom of my apartment. Which is obvious when you look at my application job. This dark plum foil (or perhaps it might be just a lot of silver shimmer tossed in?) was a slight bit gloopy and hard to apply -- and it wasn't as glossy as the others in this collection -- but it still was fine in two coats.

China Glaze Midnight Mission

Stop the freakin' presses! OMG. Have you guys SEEN this one? I didn't realize how fantastic it was until I applied it. It's a dark blue shimmering jelly that is just chock-a-block with silver microglitter. It's like Essie Starry Starry Night on crack. Two coats and you are done! Gleaming gorgeousness, through and through. Definitely needed a glossy topcoat though.

Closeup of Midnight Mission

China Glaze First Class Ticket

This may be my favorite of the collection. Dark shimmering purple with blue microglitter (it may just be shimmer but the little blue bits just pop out at you)... with a touch of foil. You have to click on these photos to see their bigger versions. It's so hard to see how pretty this one is through smaller photos. Two coats and very glossy.

Closeup of First Class Ticket

Overall, this collection was wonderful. Many of these were so surprising: a lot of them look ordinary or even boring on the bottle. To tell the truth, a lot of these aren't even super stunning indoors. But get them in some light and they'll just come to bright burning life. Furthermore, most of these polishes apply amazingly well: most of them are two coaters and many of them have a high-gloss finish that makes it look like you've already got topcoat on (although you should probably still put on topcoat).
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Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm so sorry for being so MIA lately but life has gotten in the way, as it always inevitably does. Unfortunately, as a result of some increased responsibilities (like writing my Master's thesis...eek!), I will no longer be blogging with Polish or Perish. I am very sad to leave but I know I am leaving readers with all the wonderful PoP bloggers who post much more often than me anyway. :)

I wanted to say goodbye and that I enjoyed blogging on PoP. Good luck with all your nail polish endeavors! PoP bloggers, I will miss all of you dearly!
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Urban Decay Cult

Urban Decay Cult

Got this off of eBay UK for less than $10 shipped. It's just such a lovely color: a blue-green-gold shimmer. A bit on the sheer side: I think this might have been three coats and in most lights, I could still see VNL. It applied very well though.
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

OPI Summer Flutter - Quick 'n Dirty

I'm a bad bad girl...I bought these on a total whim at Ulta. I'm not usually an impulse shopper. I'm still dubious about whether I should keep them or not - I can only really envision myself wearing them as pedis!

Help me decide! This is OPI Catch Me in Your Net (index and middle) and OPI Wing It! (ring and pinky) from the OPI Summer Flutter Collection:

These were both very sheer - for this swatch I used 3 coats of Catch Me in Your Net and 5 coats of Wing It!? Sheesh.

They've very sparkly and unique, and I can see myself enjoying them on my feet - especially Wing It! I'm not that into layering, so even though I know I could just layer them over an opaque colour, the toddler inside me is whining "but whyyyyyyyyyy???"

What do you think? Keep or swap?

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Prevail I'm Not a Tourist

I picked up this super dark green at a Duane Reade in NYC a few weekends ago. I was on a dark green craze for month.. a little late to the party, but it's never too late for dark greens! :) This was very opaque and applied smoothly in two coats. The formula reminded me of the Pure Ice brand that is found in Walmart. I'm pretty sure Prevail is a Duane Reade exclusive brand. According to this website, they have other stuff like tweezers, hair brushes, etc. I didn't browse around Duane Reade long enough to find out what else Prevail had though.

sorry for the lint!
They had a whole display of nail polishes in a wide arrange of colors -- all of which that I've seen before and didn't think they were unique enough to buy. The thing I didn't like was that this thing cost $6!!!!!!!! Way more than what a lot of my other nail polishes normally cost. On top of that I have to pay 8.875% NYC sales tax (sales tax is only 7% in NJ). Pretty pricey for a drug store nail polish that reminded me of Pure Ice nail poilsh found at Walmart. I definitely won't be buying anymore Prevail nail polishes unless they are unique.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Regrets: Chanel Nouvelle Vague

I went to my grandfather's funeral earlier this week (I sported Essie Demure Vixen btw...), which as you can imagine wasn't the most uplifting occasion, so I really needed something bright with some punch for today - and Chanel Nouvelle Vague was waiting! I had passed this one by many times, and told myself I didn't need it - but then I realized that of all the China Glazes I used to have (and gave up, because no matter what they chip terribly on me), the one I missed most was For Audrey. This is a veritable dupe for FA, and Chanel wears beautifully on me.

My grandfather was someone who lived with no regrets - ever. I got my hands on this polish to alleviate the regret I was feeling - that special kind of Chanel regret - so in a way, this is a bit of an homage to him. To make it even more fitting, he loved Chanel!

For you Opa, Chanel Nouvelle Vague:

See how different it can look in different lights?

Not all that much to say about this one that hasn't already been said - it's wonderful. I find the colour uplifting and calming all at the same time. It's a lot brighter than I usually go, but since its about 100ºF outside, I think if there's any time to go bright - it's now! Oh and I'm rocking Essie Carousel Coral on my toesies, and I think the combo is pretty great! :)

I'm thrilled and relieved I got this - and I think I will enjoy it for years! No regrets whatsoever. :)

Do you regret not picking up a certain polish?

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Some drugstore yellows: Maybelline Banana Bamba and L'Oreal Yellow Buzz L'Oreal

Maybelline Banana Bamba

Cool yellow. I love yellow cremes. But not this one. This is four coats and the formula had a weird gritty, bumpy texture that kind of gave me the creeps. I think this was part of the Sun Salsa collection from earlier this spring.

L'Oreal Yellow Buzz
Warm yellow. Eh. The formula was kind of thick and sticky and it took four coats to even out. Also not a favorite.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen, Part II of III

Some more Vintage Vixen swatches, thanks to China Glaze.

China Glaze Swing Baby

Photos probably do not convey the awesome burning bright fire of this polish. It's a champagne foil but it's so glossy and glassy and kind of sears your retinas when in the sunlight. Three coats.

China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald

Yes, please! The bottle color is unimpressive, it's almost kind of a murky emerald. But on the nail, it is a vibrant teal shimmer. Nicely pigmented too! Full coverage at two coats. What I really liked though was that it had a very glossy finish. Very easy to apply, mildly brush-strokey.

China Glaze Foxy

Looked like a Christmas-y red-with-gold shimmer in the shade but in the sun, it became a burnished orange shimmer. I was shocked at how pretty it turned out once I held my hand out in a beam of sunshine. Two coats.

China Glaze Jitterbug

I loved this one. Charcoal foil. Like Swing Baby, it had an extremely glassy, glossy finish and it was just so freakishly bright, even for a dark silver like this. Really misleading in the bottle since it looks sort of dull and dark when not on the nail or in the light. Two coats. I think this would look nice as a pedi shade actually.

Almost done. Hope to get the last of the Vintage Vixen swatches up by tomorrow. :)
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Some old BB Couture NOTDs: Paradise, Caterpillar and Moon Over Manhattan

And thus begins my effort to try to post all of my old swatches that I haven't ever gotten around to posting -- part of my massive and massively delayed spring cleaning efforts. I will try to get to the rest of the China Glaze Vintage Vixen posts this weekend though. :)

BB Couture Caterpillar

I think this is an incredibly cute color: kelly green with gold shimmer. The day I took the photo, it was overcast so it's hard to see the shimmer... but it's there! Three coats. Typical great BB Couture application. I believe this is from the Spring 2010 collections (the bug, butterfly themed ones).

BB Couture Paradise

Mmm, lobster claws. I love this color but it did impart a certain lobstery look to my skin. It kind of reminds me of the color of calamine lotion, maybe a shade more purple than that. This was from the Haiti collection. Three coats, again, really wonderful application.

BB Couture Moon Over Manhattan
This is a relatively old BB Couture. I've had for... oh, probably a year before wearing it. I LOVE this shade: dark blue with a hint of green with silver microglitter. It's jelly but not quite as squishy as most BBC jellies I've encountered before.

Closeup of Moon Over Manhattan
It's not a sparkly polish but it's got spark to it. :)
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Thursday, June 24, 2010


About a month ago, somebody showed me a pic of Cetuem 191.

I freaked. Must. Have.

But I couldn't really find much ~out there~ on the brand. A small handful of blog posts. No where were there extensive swatches or extensive reviews.

I went to the Cetuem website and went nuts. At one point there were over 20 polishes I wanted. They had such gorgeous colors! But they were so hard to see in those tiny bottle pics (I ended up finding larger ones on I posted on MUA looking for input, a few of us went back and forth excitedly. I know at least 3 people ended up doing fairly substantial hauls.

I was one of them. They were $15 bucks a pop and I bought 7, but at least shipping was free (shipped from the UK)... it's not anymore.

I got them in my hot little hands soon after and was slightly disappointed by the reality of the colors (as opposed to what I imagined them to be). But still optimistic. 191 looked insane in the membrane.

Since then, over the past month, I have tried them all as NOTDs. Today I share swatches (and quick reviews).

Overall? For the money, they fucking suck. Sorry. Sawree. Forgive Me.

Do you like polishes to be well pigmented? Yes? Don't buy Cetuems.
Do you like nice brushes (or at least ones that spread out well when pressed against your nail)? Yes? Don't buy Cetuems.
Do you care if something is B3F? Yes? Don't buy Cetuems.
Do you like your polishes to have longevity? Yes? Don't buy Cetuems.
Does it drive you crazy when the square brush cap doesn't line up with the bottle? Yes? Don't buy Cetuems.
Do you prefer polishes that have ballz in them? Yes? Don't buy Cetuems.

Ok to be fair, a plus - The dry time for all but one of these was pretty good. So there you go. Further, their duochrome really is very impressive.


(4 coats)

Look at the bottle. See how it looks pinker half way down? That's the pigment sinking to the bottom (after several rounds of vigorous shakes). Not a big deal if these pricey polishes came with ballz. But they don't. And a couple of them separated pretty badly in a matter of weeks.

The duochrome here is a magenta-rust-olive. Pretty strong and impressive effect. If you like duochromes a lot (and own the very necessary ballz), then you would do well to pick up a couple. They have many duochrome-y options.


(2 coats)

This is a vampy red with gold shimmer. Probably one of the classiest colors I own lol. Despite requiring the least number of coats, this one was the most irritating. It had 0 longevity. It wouldn't dry and had already worn off my tips before I got to work.

That photo was taken the morning after I painted my nails! WTF, did I type a novel in my sleep? It was dentable all day too. Beh.


(3 coats)

The best formula of the bunch was this creme. It wasn't the color I was expecting, unfortunately. It applied very smoothly and had that jelly/creme finish thing going on where it needs multiple coats but looks wonderfully glossy. It dried lightening fast too. I don't hate this one.


(3 coats)

Having learned my lesson w/ 119, I wrapped my tips. Still no dice. It actually looks like it might be tip pull on the top finger (which wouldn't necessarily be the polishes fault). But the ring (center) finger is distinctly suffering from tip wear and we're not even 10 hours away from application, and I slept for most of that time.


(4 coats)

I so wanted this one to be awesome. The description on the website said it was metallic. A metallic teal?? Heavens!

Sadly it wasn't metallic, it was just really shimmer-y (and needed an absurd number of coats given the type of polish).


(2 coats)

To get this one to apply well you have to use super thick coats (the hexes are suspended in a gel). If they're too thin, the glitter gets caught on itself and you get a bare nail with an ugly clump of glitter. Sadly, this means you can't get this one to build to opacity. Even two thick-ass coats was really pushing it.

Color is awesome on this one though.


(4 coats)

Look at all that gold shimmer hanging out at the bottom of the bottle! That is after vigorous shaking.

This one was the only one that ended up not disappointing me in some way. In fact, I complain about the separation, but with less gold shimmer interspersed throughout, I think it looks even better than when I first wore it as a mani.

It's an awesome blue jelly, with gold and green shimmer. Pretty neat effect but very see-through. Would definitely layer with this one.

Sighhh that's it. No more. Probably never again.
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