Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OPI GtBfR: Red Badge of Courage

Today I needed a good shot of courage to steel myself against a barrage of insults I knew was coming. My boss tends to really lay into people after they give a research talk, and I was giving one today in front of some important people. He is very hyper-critical and cannot give constructive criticism let alone positive reinforcement - he told me once that he simply doesn't believe in it! I think he believes in soul-crushing instead. So I chose my polish accordingly and went for a confident, devil-may-care, sexy red - OPI Got the Blues for Red:

Even though no one in the audience was going to be able to see my polish colour from the podium, I felt like it gave me that little boost I needed!

I'm normally not a red wearer - maybe I'm just not enough of a sultry screen-siren from an era gone by, maybe I'm not confident enough, or maybe I just haven't met the right red! I spent quite a bit of time researching and tracking down what I thought might be a good red for me (wow I really am a nerd, eh?) and I think this is it!

Usually I'm far too cool-toned and yellow to carry off warm tones, and most reds I've found seem to be either very dark or too orange-based for me. But this is a lovely blue-based red creme that looks quite bright (well, for me...) outside in direct light - more of a cherry. But inside it looks more deep and burgundy. Application was a total dream (Dear ProWide brush, one day I shall write you a sonnet.) and negated the need for clean-up! (Yay! Hate clean-up!) I also only did two thin coats, so this was great because I was in a bit of a rush!

I'm feeling pretty relieved that my moments in the line of fire is over and tonight I'm going out on the town with my friends to paint the town red - and I've already got the nails to match! ;)

I feel a bit like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz - the nail polish wizard granted me some courage today. In fact I think it helped so much that I'm going to wear this to my upcoming thesis proposal defense! Bring it on flying monkeys of science, I'm ready!


P.S. Chopped off my nails - they are nubbin-ized now! What do you think???

P.P.S. My talk went really well. :)