Saturday, February 6, 2010

AAAAAHHHHH!! First Dollar Tree score EVER!!

I've been to a handful of local Dollar Trees, never ever finding anything resembling decent nail polish. But today... today was a great day. Owing to a childhood and young adulthood in cities that were pedestrian cities with great public transportation, I never learned to drive. So I can't do the sort of prolific dusty hunting that some folks are able to do.

Anyway, yesterday, my SO offered to take me around the nearest major city (about 45 minutes away) to go to ANY place I wanted to look for nail polish. Seriously, his idea, not mine. I don't like asking my SO to take me any place, especially if it's just for my shopping purposes. But I decided to take him up on it today.

So we hit a Ross, a random dollar store (where I bought a couple of KleanColor nail polishes), a Sally Beauty (where I got nail whitening stuff and a Nina Ultra Pro Vintage Velvet), a huge-ass mall (where I got OPI Banana Bandana for $3) and a random dusty beauty supply that had a ton of (mostly boring) old OPIs... and Smitten with Mittens! Anyway, after these stops, my SO was looking a bit tired so I was like, "Okay, let's hit ONE Dollar Tree and we'll head home." He asked which one and I told him to just pick one that was on the way home.

BOY, he did a GOOD job. Sure knows how to pick 'em! And voila, I have just landed home with my very first awesome DT haul.

Baroque Frost, Edgy Creme, Embellish Frost, Make a Mint Frost and Risky Frost

Button Fly, Hip Huggers (yes, another one), Indigo Blues

Diva Gold, Jaded Blues, Marble, Purple Comet, Purple Aluminum

Boot Leg, Five Pocket, Jean Jacket, Stone Washed

...and then I came home to a package containing the BB Couture collection that benefits Haiti (well, 25% of it anyway) and a package from an NBer with TiNS nail polishes. So between yesterday's haul and today's haul... my collection has grown... omg, I'm not going to count. That's a LOT.

Okay, time to get down to actual work. I'd rather than play with my pretties though... heaven knows I have a lot of new ones. Not that I can do much playing with this dumb broken nail; I'm trying my best not to aggravate it. Well, because of this break, I have established that my nails grow at about a millimeter a week. (Damn it, grow faster!!) Anyway, to work! Though maybe I should reorganize my untrieds first...