Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Midday retail therapy at Walgreens

I'm having a positively awful day where I just hatehatehate my body. I've gained a ton of weight... after losing a ton of weight. And I feel like crap about it. (And please don't assume that I'm not well-versed in body image issues.) I'm awaiting a therapy appointment now -- to deal with this sort of issue, incidentally. Because I was driving myself nutty with negative thoughts instead of doing work, I decided to go to my therapist's early and make a pre-therapeutic haul at Walgreens (which also has a great return policy for cosmetics: 30 days with receipt, no questions asked). Now I'm sitting waiting for my appointment, wishing for better light so my iPhone can yield better pics.

So, my Walgreens haul!

I went in for Sinful Mint Apple, which I found:

And I saw Sinful All About You. I grabbed that too; it's an interesting mix of gold and bronze glitter). Then I looked at the display with Sally Hansen Complete and spotted a minor lemming of mine: Yellow Kitty. Grabbed.

Decided it can't hurt to see what else was around. That was a mistake. Borghese Stellar Notte, Rimmel Steel Grey (why is a taupe shade called that?) and Black Diamond (which doesn't look like much in the photo but has really gorgeous oil-slick-like shimmer).

Then I saw SH Insta-Dri topcoat which has been getting a ton of love on NB. Sure, why not. Always need a good topcoat...

And finally, I found the 99 cent Wet n Wild, my third favorite cheap thrill brand. The one on the top is Wild Card. From left to right: Rain Check, Night Prowl, Blue Moon and Red Red.

I have a feeling I will be returning the more expensive ones (especially the SH Complete and the Rimmel) and the two lighter Wet n Wild shades. As usual, I was shocked at how expensive this haul was: drugstore polishes always add up so quickly.

...eep, time for my appointment. Then back to campus for research and class.