Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grooming My (French) Poodle.

Parlez-Vous OPI? Mais OUI!!

I have no poodle to groom Cake, so I groom my nails.

This is a polish from the OPI France Collection, which in my mind, is the 2nd best OPI collex of *all time*. It makes me feel fabulously French in that avant-garde fashion-editorial kind of way. Like I'm the kind of woman who would wear a Catharine Malandrino shift straight off the runway, and, looking like I belonged in a Vogue spread with my Lanvin bag gracefully dangling from the crook of my arm, trot down cobblestone streets to the nearest Patisserie, where I would eat a croissant, never get fat, and my lipstick would never smear.

And my nails would be the perfect shade of dusty purple that is both elegant and classy, edgy and unique, at the same time.

This is a polish I've had for a while, but haven't broken out in forever. I actually got it in lab!

Sidebar: My PI will only buy OPI polish for the lab (we use it for sealing microscope slides and he seems to care about both quality and prettiness....) and this colour popped up in the stock! I looked for it everywhere and it was sold out all the time! I finally decided to just take it home with me! (Don't worry I'm not a stealer - I substituted it with a different OPI polish in a manly shade for the guys in lab.)

I haven't worn it in a long time and had completely forgotten how awesome it is on the nail. I love shades that are kind of dusted-out because I think they look super-chic and more neutral than their brighter counterparts, and this is no exception. Purple is kind of my signature colour as well so that adds to the love! I had also forgotten how amazing the formula was - this was *almost* a one coater but needed two to be perfect. No pulling or bald spots like sometimes happen with paler cremes either. I guess this isn't super pale, but medium? (Go Medium!) Either way, it applied like non-dairy vegetable spread.

Nothing like shopping in your own stash to (re-)discover a great colour! Ooh la la!

Have you ever gone shopping in your own collection?? Do you think the dusty-colours trend is "over"??