Monday, February 15, 2010

Da!, I Dream in Chocolate.

I felt a little chocolate craving last night because of Valentine's Day aka the World Chocolate Eating Championships. Since I have one of the most joy-robbing afflictions known to man - a dairy allergy - mass chocolate consumption is pretty much out for me. So I figured - why not put it on my nails? I indulged in a polish from the amazing OPI Russia Collection (which to me, is one of the best OPI collections ever released - wanna fight about it?) - the lovely Suzi Says Da!

(Had a ridiculously hard time taking pics today - almost no sunlight out whatsoever. It is a lot browner than it comes off in the photos, but I thought I'd share anyways!)

Suzi Says Da! is a creamy vampy shade the colour of Hershey's Special Dark melted over a double-boiler. (I bake a lot. I swear it's exactly that shade.) Something about it makes me feel good - it looks like sweet dark chocolate or rich robust coffee - both deliciously decandent things that give you happiness, energy, and a smile! While this is a sultry, vampy shade I do find something oddly serene about it - like drinking a cup of (soy) cocoa.

As usual, the OPI ProWide brush makes this apply like a total champ! If you've read my previous posts you know I'm a.) lazy b.) am thoroughly annoyed by clean-up, so the ProWide is a total godsend. The formula went on mildly streaky at one coat, but two evened it out to a rich, deep, glossy creme finish.

And just because I think OPI minis are so adorably cute:

I don't ever wear brown, but somehow I think this will go with my wardrobe anyways - it seems like a dark neutral. What do you guys think about brown? Yay or Nay on the OPI Russia Collection?

Even though hubs and I will be moving our Valentine's Day to an undisclosed date, this at least takes care of my chocolate craving for the holiday! :)