Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've been a Bad Kitty...

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Probably indicative of too much time on my hands... ;)

 Definitely indicative of too much glitter. (But I'm digging it!)

Base coat: China Glaze - Bad Kitty (4 coats)
Tip: China Glaze - Liquid Leather (2 coats)
Stamp 1: China Glaze Joy; Image Plate: chez Delaney H22
Stamp 2: Stargazer Chrome; Image Plate; chez Delaney A07
Rhinestones: Swarovski Light Rose
Top Coat: Seche Vite



L-R: ChG Liquid Leather; ChG Joy; ChG BadKitty & Stargazer Chrome


A segue...
Some personal promotion (well, not really). LOL  I've decided to try blogging again. It's not related to polish, nails, or fashion or anything along those lines. It's just a blog about me and some random thoughts on life (in grad school?)  I've spent a couple of days attempting to Photoshop a background together and I finally "went live" earlier this week. If you feel like checking it out and giving me some feedback, feel free. I'm not a web designer so I have NO idea how this looks on other platforms.  (I'm using Firefox 3.6 and I'm on a widescreen monitor with a 1680x1050 resolution.)

(P.S. I will not be offended if you don't want to read my ranting.) LOL