Tuesday, March 9, 2010

$OPI Run With It!

I've been lusting after Sephora by OPI (lovingly called $OPI) - Run With It! for quite a while. Even though it's not one of the 'popular' polishes in the nail community, I've been lemming it. Every time I walk into a Sephora I turn a bottle around in my hands and looks at the strange shimmer/speckles. I stalk photos of it online. I've tried relentlessly swapping for it to no avail. I went to the mall with my BFF this weekend for some girl time and finally decided to bite the bullet and get it. $o glad I did! Here is Run With It!:

It is another one of those neutrals with an edge that I adore! Its a soft dove grey colour (which means a grey that leans brown instead of blue). This polish is subtly interesting - it has the most interesting finish to it. On one hand, it seems to have some speckles in it that are darker than the polish itself - these don't really shimmer but rather contribute to the overall colour. On the other hand, there is some distinct superfine gold microshimmer that you can only see in very direct sunlight.

The end result is a polish that I think is the perfect "grungy neutral with an edge" for spring - it is lighter than most of it's taupe-y cousins, giving it a really soft, sophisticated elegance. The finish of this polish makes it really special to me. The effect is subtle, but really cool, and makes this a one-of-a-kind polish.

I only own two other $OPI polishes - Metro Chic (love so much) and Don't Go There (really like this on my toes). The reason I only own a couple is because in general the line is:

a.) expen$ive
b.) similar formula to OPI in my opinion
c.) not especially unique colours
d.) the brush sucks.

How does Run With It! fare?

Well, I still think the price is inflated and the brush is still terrible. The $OPI brush is like the awkward, lanky, gangly teenager of polish brushes - it is really long, but the cap is quite wide, so it doesn't know how it wants to be applied. The brush itself is quite skinny (so flinty would probably like it with her bitty wittle nails...) but I have to say, if I'm going to pay over OPI prices for an OPI polish, I'd rather it come with the amazing ProWide brush. Even though it offends my sense of order, I'm seriously considering pouring this into an empty OPI bottle with a ProWide brush, because I know I'm going to be reaching for this one often! I also have a feeling it would apply just like my favourite OPIs if it was given the chance!

Run With It! does manage to be unique and special, and seeing as I absolutely love edgy neutrals - this makes it worth the money to me, and I'm really glad that I finally sprung for it! My BFF loved it too. (She was sporting Rimmel Steel Grey that day, btw :) so proud!) I really don't understand why this polish is named the way it is, but the bottom line is that if there was an emergency, I would take this polish and run with it - I really really love it!

Have you guys tried $OPI polishes? Thoughts on the colours/formula/brush??


P.S. BTW I've also received a ton of compliments on this one already!