Monday, March 1, 2010

Jade is the new...Mom?

For my birthday today, I got a big surprise from my mother...not so much big in size but big in shock value! My mother is a *huge* OPI fan - she keeps abreast of every collection and has quite a good selection of her own. So of course she knew about Hong Kong. The place she usually gets her OPI even set it out earlier than they were supposed to, so she picked up two Lucky Lucky Lavender (one for me, one for her). She then noticed that Jade is the New Black was gone....and then that the saleslady was wearing it......and thus a lemming was born! She hunted it down and now:

I have it on my nails! My mother is normally waaaayyy more conservative, and expects me to adhere to those rules. She would rather die than wear green polish in public...(She even mentioned when she gave it to me that it was 'kind of a joke'.) But something about it being the "IT" colour made her need to get it for me! (I'm giggling because I can see her going in a frenzy from store to store demanding in her German accent "I vant ze green one!!!")

I'm normally not a green polish wearer either, but I have to say I feel kind of awesome wearing this. I think that the green is just blue enough for me, and it has a pinch of that dusty quality that I like to it. It looks like a polished opaque gemstone - like the green of a malachite. The formula was awesome - two easy breezy coats. I've come to expect this of OPI cremes, especially those with the ProWide brush. I hope they can keep this kind of quality up!

Will I wear this every day? No. Will I pull it out when I'm feeling kind of funky? Sure. Will it always remind me of my mother's first green polish lemming? Absolutely.

How about you guys - did you jump on the Jade is the New Black bandwagon? Do you wear green polish?