Saturday, March 6, 2010

Half price, fully awesome.

I'm hoping to hang out with my BFF today, as well as get work, laundry, cleaning, taxes, mail, etc. done so this is gonna be quick!

I *finally* received Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal off of back-order from the 50% off sale in December!!! Yay!!

And it's luscious.....

L: Sunlight, R: Shade

Teal looks like a lake at night under a quiet, clear, starry sky - just the moment before you jump in for skinny dipping. There is something really special about this colour - yeah, it's kind of a vampy and looks pretty dark, but most people around pull the red-toned vamp look, whereas the teal hue is a bit of a subversive surprise. And it looks lovely on my Homer-Simpson-yellow skin! (Plus I have a scarf that matches it...and a wall in my apartment...and eyeliner...and...well lots of things.) For me it's an instant classic - one of my favourite colours ever.

Application is the reason I splurge on these - 1.5 coats. (i.e. Covers almost everything in 1 coat - a couple nails *cough* thumbs *cough* needed a second.) Easy to control, highly pigmented, and shiny. And I have no doubt that like my other RBLs, it will last longer than my attention span. *swoon*

You guys probably already know my insane love for RBLs. D:) posted recently about her more negative experiences and it just reminds me how crazy it is what different body chemistry does to polish! I guess I'm just lucky that it works for me? That's why I love being a part of this blog though - you get different perspectives from different ladies with different body chemistry, nail length, skin tone and taste!

What do you guys think of RBL: love/hate/indifferent/too much $$/worth it/lame?

Also, just wanted to do a quick shout-out to our followers - we just hit 400 and I think that's amazing!! Thanks to everyone who keeps reading/following our blog - you may see it as no big deal, but to us it's huge!! And as always, I love reading your comments. I hope you're all having a great weekend!