Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The... great? half-assed de-stash begins!

Yes, I'm totally chicken to not completely let go of some of my polishes but what if I might want to wear them again one day? And then can't find them? And then pay through the nose on eBay to remember why I de-stashed them to begin with?

(I did this with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: bought it, hated it, swapped it away, started seeing pictures of it looking nice, started lemming it again, bought it again, hated it again, swapped it away again. Never again!)

In case anyone was wondering: I bought dozens of the 1/8th fl. oz. mini bottles from Supply Source (which is where the "David" topcoat is from) and the small labels from OnlineLabels.com (you can also print the labels too). The only hesitation I have about this whole project is that I don't really enjoy the mini-bottle brushes that much. But these are polishes I probably wasn't going to use more than a couple of times anyway. I've already de-stashed about 35 of my polishes and freed up some much needed space. The mini bottles fit very well into my (still-spacious) small drawer set for short polishes such as Essie and RBL. :)

...errrr, yes, I'm working. Very hard. Super hard even.

ETA: I just counted and I've de-stashed about 60 polishes pretty quickly this way. About 50 of those have been decanted into mini bottles but the remainder I realized that I didn't even want to save 1/8th (or less) of a fluid ounce. Which means: "onto the swap/sell pile it goes!" All of my China Glaze and OPI polishes fit into two Container Store stackable shoeboxes now. I mean, it's a very tight fit and some are put in upside down but I used to need a third for the overfill (it shared a space with Mattese, Guppy and Color Club).

I intend on de-stashing at least another two dozen. It feels like I've ruthlessly de-stashed a bunch already but I'm addicted to making space in storage now. I love having more space to fill up again.

It's strange: when I swatch a polish, if I don't like it, I'm pretty quick to let go of it. But the ones that I've owned for awhile, even if I don't really like it, I'm hesitant to let it go. It's almost a familiarity thing: if I've known it and had it for months or years, I like it better than it might otherwise merit if I had just gotten it today.

Oh man, it's past midnight and I should get to bed. Leading a discussion tomorrow morning, bright and early.