Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Claire's Mood color-changing polishes!

About every two weeks on NB, there's a must-have product of some kind that sends people in mad search for it. I didn't have time for the mad search for Claire's Mood color-changing nail polishes. So I sent my SO for them.

A week ago, my SO was complaining that he had a huge three-hour lunch break and nothing to do. My solution: I gave him a bag of Claire's polishes with a receipt and told him to go return these at the local mall he often has lunch at.

Yes, I sent my man to Claire's.

Anyway, he asked if I wanted him to pick up anything new and I told him to stay on the lookout for the Mood polishes. Several hours later, I get a call from him from Claire's, asking, "There are five different ones. Do you just want one of each?"

Hells yeah!

I haven't had much time for swatching these days but I wanted to play with these. They turned out to be kind of bad polishes but INCREDIBLY awesome with the best temperature-based color-changing effect I've seen in polishes. Apparently, they have two names each: one for each color!

Claire's Happy/Earthy

Isn't that awesome? I know daydream222 already showed it off during the weekend but I think the awesomeness deserves to be repeated! :D Neon yellow when warm, grass green when cool! This one had a slightly weaker effect than the next one I'm showing you but still, it's pretty strong! The neon yellow usually is a bit more clearly yellow but I was using my lightbox and the lights had already been on for about half an hour (thus raising the temperature). I had to wait a little longer for this one to change while putting it on though. These things dry satiny and take many coats to get non-streaky; I think I used only three coats here.

Claire's Daring/Innocent

This one was amazing. (Ugly but amazing.) As soon as I brushed a coat on my nail, the color changed. It was hard to actually see how well I was polishing the base of my nail because the color immediately became this peachy-beige that wasn't so different from my skintone. Dries satiny and was the biggest PITA to get non-streaky: five coats! I'm hoping the other ones won't be as bad...

I have three more of these that I hope to post by the month's end. :)

In the meanwhile, I have some promising preliminary results on one of... three studies I have in the air right now. Now all I have to do is do some actual work on it so I can tell the good-esque news to my lab tomorrow morning.