Saturday, March 6, 2010

Claire's Mood-Changing Nail Polish in Earthy/Happy

Hello everyone! I'm sure many of you have already heard about and/or seen the Claire's Mood-Changing Nail Polish but here are a few more pics of Earthy/Happy, the green one! And yes, they actually work! Very well, actually! I used a basecoat and topcoat as normal, with a refresher topcoat on Day 2 and this mani lasted 4 days! Even some of my classmates noticed and commented on it - asking me how my nail polish changed throughout class! It depends on your body chemistry though - I usually have cold hands, so my nails were often just green - the hue caused by cold. But if I was comfortable, it looked like I had French tips! So don't get your hopes up if you're always a certain temp - it will vary. The best part? They change IMMEDIATELY while being held under certain temps of water. It made for many fun conversations with colleagues in the bathroom at school. :)

After holding my nails under cold water and how they often looked on my cold hands:

After a very hot shower:

How they look while stabilizing with my body temp after my hot shower:

How they look while I am comfortable (neither hot nor cold):

After holding my fingers under cold water and my thumb under hot water:

Super fun! Get thee to a Claire's, asap! There are five colors total (pink, purple shimmer, green, blue, and gray) for $5 and the typical B1G1 50% off.

Thanks for reading!!