Saturday, October 16, 2010

This Not-So-Green Girl Sees the Light: Essie Sew Psyched

So I'm not into green polishes. I know there is a sort of cult green following in nail-world, and I've always felt like an outcast because I don't wait with baited breath for companies to release a green in their new collections. I've never really understood the hype. In fact, when Essie Fall hit the stores, I didn't even give Sew Psyched a second glance. Meh.

Then, the leaves turned here and it started to feel like honest-to-goodness autumn. Like time for cinnamon spice candles and nubby sweaters and cozy cups of (soy) hot cocoa. It *almost* felt like exactly the season when the hubs and I fell in love...the same smell was in the air. (I love fall for so many reasons!)

And all of a sudden I was curious about Sew Psyched. It exuded that same cozy and warm - but yet fresh and new - feeling that fall gives me. It matched my mood perfectly and I *had* to try it.

(I took these shots at coworker noticed my nails and loved the colour so much she borrowed my bottle and painted her nails for her upcoming vacation!)

Words can't describe how pleased I am with this polish. I guess it's even better because it was a total surprise! I wanted to try it, but I fully expected to hate it. I was greatly rewarded for stepping outside of my comfort zone. It's the most beautiful blue-leaning green creme with a grey cast (NOT duck poo) enlivened by a hint of subtle silver microshimmer. For some reason the colour reminds me of the Clinique bottle caps even though they are much much lighter than this polish. It has the same calm, serene thing going on. But Sew Psyched is much more mysterious - it's the green version of all of the popular dusty taupe shades that I love.

I know not all greens are created equal, and I'll probably never be someone who waits impatiently for a new green to come out, but this one has a firm place in my collection and in my heart. Maybe I'll even give green more of a chance in the future.

Are you a green polish enthusiast? Have you tried Sew Psyched??


P.S. RBL Diddy Mow is an exact dupe, so if you have one, I wouldn't bother getting the other unless you're partial to one formula over another.