Friday, October 29, 2010

Colors I knew I wouldn't like but bought anyway.

I think all of these polishes are beautiful. They're just not my style. Does that stop me from falling prey to the peer pressure? Hellz no.

Lunar Eclipse

(2 coats)

So prettyyyy. I even like my own swatch of it! But I remember I couldn't wait to get it off me.

Royal Navy

(2 coats)

I don't actually mind this one. It's just that the swatch doesn't look like reality at all. I feel like nobody else stressed that this is not what Royal Navy actually looks like in person! It's so much darker in person (at least on me). The sun somehow really lights this one up. I find that it's almost 119-esque indoors. I own plenty of dark blue jellies. So this just wasn't one I needed.

Space Cadet

(2 coats)

Isn't the duochrome effect cool? Amazing?? Too bad I hate duochromes. I'm an idiot.


(2 coats)

Ugh. I KNEW I didn't like this one. Why? WHY?!

Nouvelle Vague

(2 coats)

I actually don't mind this one. But For Audrey is on my middle finger, so... I really didn't need this.

These are all gorgeous colors! They're just not my style. I hope you ladies are enjoying them!