Saturday, October 2, 2010

Picture Polish: Mellow Yellow and Malteaser

Yay! My first two Picture Polish NOTDs. One is fabulous... and the other one, not so much. Both were sent to me for review by Picture Polish.

First the fabulous one:

Picture Polish Mellow Yellow

I love pastel yellow cremes. This is a perfect example of one and it went on so very well! If I had done thicker coats, I could've made do with two coats but I did three thin coats for this one and it was perfectly opaque and smooth (and utterly non-streaky) by the third coat. I wore this for a couple of days (using Gelous/Diamont) and there were no chips or shrinkage, and minimal tipwear. Decent dry time too with a quick dry topcoat.

Picture Polish Malteaser

This dark taupe creme was a nightmare. It applied a little goopily and was more sheer than necessary for the darkness of the color. It took three coats to get opaque... and it wasn't a fun three coats to apply. But the worst part was... it bubbled BADLY. I don't know if it reacted negatively with my basecoat or what but I had a ton of little bubbles on my nails. It drove me so crazy, I couldn't stand it for more than half a day.

It's so odd to me when a pastel yellow from a company applies beautifully... but a dark taupe doesn't. Oh well. Ten more Picture Polishes to go... :)