Friday, October 1, 2010

OPI DS Magic

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I should, in theory, love this polish but I feel kinda meh on it.

OPI DS Magic

It's big, blue and beautiful... but leaves me lukewarm! Shimmering, metallic, subduedly sparkly and very, very bright. It even has slight purple duochrome going on (click on the pic and look at the sides of the nail). I think I wanted more of the purple duochrome. I think maybe I don't like vibrant metallic blues? It's kind of a mystery as to why this is on my swap/sell pile. Three coats.

So... another month went by. Let's tally up my "earnings" from my exercise: 22 polishes! I totally didn't adhere to my "only buy 20 polishes in September" plan at all. :( I went to an amazing dusty that time forgot and came out with 60 polishes in one go. And then I hauled a bunch of expensive LEs. I mean, it was a real bust, guys. But maybe I'll try to stay within the 22 this month... should I even figure out how much each polish should be worth? I mean, I'm sort of on unofficial low-buy anyway since my 60 polish bender at the dusty...