Saturday, October 9, 2010

OPI Extra-va-ganza (Burlesque Collection, Fall 2010)

And the glittery Burlesque NOTDs continue...

OPI Extra-va-ganza
The camera did an awful job capturing this one. My fault: I got home later than I intended and the sun had already started setting (which means this was taken without sunlight) and as a result, appears a bit dull. The orange glitter in this really is much brighter IRL. This one applied a bit better than Sparkle-icious; it still took four coats but it was opaque at four coats.

Closeup of Extra-va-ganza
Some people have commented that this is a similar color scheme to China Glaze Spellbound (which was orange and silver glitter and hex glitter). I don't really agree with that: first of all, all the glitters are the same size in this. Second, even though orange and silver are the most prominent glitters, there is a good sprinkling of of green, gold and purple which tones down the brightness but really gives it an interesting look.

September 7th (150m cardio+strength -- yes, 150), September 8th (30m cardio).