Sunday, August 1, 2010

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup...

Sick of this polish yet? It's been on everybody's blog, it seems. Oh well... here it is again! :)

Lippmann Across the Universe

Four coats of jelly, glittery, hexy, sexy goodness! As far as I can tell, it's blue and green hex glitter and blue glitter in a dark blue jelly. Yes, it was four coats but it's so worth it for the effect. I found this pretty easy to apply and I wasn't even paying that much attention to the placement of the hex glitters: they slid on and settled and were perfect. :)

Close up of Across the Universe
Isn't it beeauuutyful? I prefer this one so much more than Bad Romance (and Ruby Red Slippers).

Also, the Polish or Perish Anniversary Giveaway closed last night. The winner has been chosen at random using ContestMachine's random-winner-choosing mechanism:


The email I sent her had the very generic title "CONGRATULATIONS!!" and apparently, she almost just deleted it because she thought it was spam. I'm glad you read it, Delaynee! ;)

Also, Delaynee is also a nail blogger and you guys should check her out here: Dees Polish Endeavours.

Thank you all for participating! We had 873 entries in total over the last two weeks. We did not restrict our giveaway to Google Followers -- as many readers choose to keep up with blogs through different methods and might not like using Google Friends Connect -- but I am kind of amused at the thought that we might be the first nail blog whose giveaway entries exceed their number of Followers. ;)

Again, thanks to all of our readers for making this past year (and two weeks) so wonderful and worthwhile for all of us. I hope the coming year will be as fabulous!