Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NYC Flat Iron Green vs Milani One of a Kind

I have seriously been on a buy every dark green kick this whole summer! Don't know what has gotten into me, but I just have to buy every dark green I see. I was at CVS the other day and HAD to buy these two even though 1) they both look almost black 2) they really aren't anything special. I'm crazy, right? haha I think posting this entry will only prove that to be a fact even more.

Flat Iron Green is one of the new permanent NYC colors, and One of a Kind is part of the same display that Milani has Dressmaker in.

And even more proof...

L-R: One of a Kind, Flat Iron Green, One of a Kind, Flat Iron Green

That's not shimmer on my ring finger... I don't know what that is, looks like a smudge. They are pretty much identical. Both are super dark green cremes that look almost black, all the time. The only differences are in application and formula. One of a Kind took three coats to become opaque and not streaky, while Flat Iron Green only two coats. One of a Kind had a slightly more jelly like formula which probably why it took one more coat to get even. If you want to try one of these, I would definitely reccomend Flat Iron because it is cheaper, only $1.99 where as Milani is $4.49, is permanent, and application was easier! ALSO, these two remind me a lot of Sephora by OPI Dark Room that I also have.... And you know what makes me even crazier?? I absolutely HATE polishes that look black when they aren't black.......... hahaha I think I'm just on a hunt for a really nice super dark green creme that doesn't look black all the time.

Does anyone else have nail polish phases like I currently do?