Saturday, August 28, 2010

Illamasqua Fern

Just received Color Club's Untamed Luxury collex yesterday from their PR folks. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to swatch them over the weekend. I'm currently in a wrist brace right now (explanation can be found at the bottom of the post) so it may be a little slow going. I guess I could remove the brace for swatching but that seems to be going a little too far for the sake of some pictures of nail polish...?

Hey, at least I have a huge backlog of swatch photos to post if I'm not going to be able to do a lot of new swatches for awhile...

Illamasqua Fern

I loved this NOTD (even though I got some shrinkage with Gelous bc and Diamont tc). It applied so very easily in two coats. Vibrant azure blue base with light blue shimmer. The shimmer is not subtle at all, which I just love. It gives it so much more pop. :)

And what I love best of all about this nail polish is that it cost me $5 and change! Thank you, eBay, you are not so evil after all! I had a $10 coupon from PayPal to use on any eBay purchase and found this seller who was selling Illamasqua Fern, Snap and Phallic for $26 Buy It Now. Even though people were bidding on it auction-style, I decided that it was too good a deal to let slip through my fingers. With the $10 coupon, I got all three for $16! I love a good deal.

So bad news on the workout front: when I fell off my bike in July, I either sprained or fractured my wrist and now I have to wear a brace... and cannot put any weight on my wrist, which means no vinyasa yoga, no strength training with free weights, no pushups. :( I have been treating it somewhat gingerly since the fall because it hurt but I had been trying to ignore the pain (because I'm stubborn and stupid), thinking it would go away sooner or later. Well, six weeks later, pain has not gone away. Not surprising since I wasn't giving it much of a rest. I just got an x-ray yesterday so I'll at least know what exactly is wrong by the beginning of next week.

Aug 23rd (25m cardio), Aug 24th (60m cardio+strength), Aug 25 (40m hike through the woods on my campus with my labmates and advisor... because my advisor is trying to exercise more and thought it would be a great idea for a lab meeting).