Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lippmann Collection - Across the Universe AND ONTO MY FAVORITES LIST!

Trust me, I understand that everyone and their mother has desired for, swatched and raved about this polish, and please understand that I hate nothing more than appearing like I am hopping onto the proverbial band wagon.

I have to say, though... everyone was right. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

Lippmann Collection - Across the Universe

Did I balk at the price tag of this high-end polish? Hell yes, I did... for months. One can only take so much drooling on her laptop before she slams her credit card number into Nordstrom's website and prays for the best, and boy did my prayers work. From the deep blue jelly that makes you feel like you're looking into the depths of the ocean to the variety of blue, green and silver hex and small glitter, this polish is absolutely stunning. Oh, and about the wear... five days, MINIMAL tip wear. That's right, I said it. MINIMAL. And I wore it for five days, which must be some sort of record for me, but frankly, I didn't want to take it off.


What do you guys think of this baby? Are you still as in love today as you were when you first saw this lovely polish?

Happy day, all!