Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Milani Dress Maker (Chanel Jade dupe!)

When Chanel Jade came out, I was in my "I don't buy nail polishes over $12! :P" phase.

That was a dumb phase.

I've been lemming Jade ever since. And on eBay, it's unaffordable. So I've pounced on the dupes I've heard are very close, such as Claire's Dream Catcher (which I love) and Charlotte Russe Jade (which is still in my untrieds).

Recently, a new dupe has been identified: Milani Dress Maker. As soon as I saw comparisons on Nail Board, I ran out to CVS (with a wish and a prayer) to find it. And I did. And here it is! :D

Milani Dress Maker

The photos at these size all look virtually identical. And they are. But the shimmer looks different in all three. Sort of. There's a certain amount of insanity that you engage in when you have this many nail polishes and have a blog devoted to nail polish. Mint green with green shimmer. This took me four coats (and I still have marginal VNL). Somewhat easy to apply. I'm not a big fan of Milani but this was a decent one.

This may be the next Hidden Treasure of NB. Only time will tell.