Saturday, August 21, 2010

I recently needed a super fun mani to cheer me up so what did I decide to paint my nails? I decided to paint them OPI Catch Me in Your Net which is a beautiful polish and is stunning on its own, but I wanted more.... so I topped it off with an Anna Sui glitter that I picked up earlier in the month called 101.

So what's the deal with these Anna Sui polishes? For one, they come in really cute packaging!

The bottle is a rose and on top of the handle, there is also a rose! So adorable. (sorry for the dust) The polish is also supposed to have a rose scent. Although, to me it smells like processed lychee fruits. Very sweet and kinda gives me a headache after a while if my fingers are close to my nose for longer than a few minutes.

Downside? They cost $15!!!!!!!! I bought this at the Anna Sui boutique in Soho, NYC... I also had to pay NYC tax on it :( It's been kinda rough lately so I splurged a bit and bought two polishes from the boutique. This is what my mani ended up looking like: OPI Catch Me in Your Net with Anna Sui 101 layered over it, two coats each.

This picture is in natural light so you can see the individual pieces of glitter and sparkles. Anna Sui 101 is a sheer bright blue jelly with round bright blue, aqua, and green glitter. And a couple more pictures just because I loved this mani so much...

You can sorta see the green peaking through from the OPI! I think that's what made this mani so so pretty :) This made my mani so freaking SPARKLEY, couldn't stop staring at it and didn't want to take it off!! After a day of wear and doing things with my hands, the scent started to fade though which I was thankful for, but kinda sad at the same time because by day 2 it was completely gone. I bought this shade and another one that I haven't tried yet. Would I buy Anna Sui again? Probably not since it was so much money unless she comes out with some super unique gorgeous colors!

Anyone else try Anna Sui?? Thoughts? Tips?