Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hunt For Red (By) October, Part 2

Battle of the blue-based reds!

Here we have the latest polish auditioning for the part of my perfect red - Essie A-List:

Check out my A-List nubbins! This red jelly is another blue-toned red (like OPI Vodka & seen in Part 1 of my Hunt), but it reads deeper than Vodka & Caviar, which I think is more flattering on my skin.

Here it is compared to a couple other 'blue-based reds' in different lights:

L-R: OPI Got the Blues for Red, Essie Limited Addiction, Essie A-List.

As you can see from the top picture, these reds all look fairly similar in bright lighting. In fact, I went to work with my polish like this and no one was the wiser - I even forgot sometimes! In darker light the differences come out.

OPI Got the Blues for Red turns burgundy in dimmer lighting, so I don't know if I even count it in the hunt for my red! It's a confusing polish - juicy red in direct light, deep burgundy in has multiple personality disorder!

Essie Limited Addiction is very close to A-List in almost all lightings, but I get the sense that it is slightly deeper/richer, which I like. I may just be liking the name though. ;)

Even though LA is probably my favourite of these blue-based reds, I'm not sure any of these is "IT". Even though blue-based colours typically look better on me, (i.e. Pink polishes - lilac tones look great, warm-toned pinks look like death warmed over on my fingers), I'm not sure this is the kind of red that I would feel comfortable with wearing every day. It's very cherry, very pin-up, but quite a bold contrast against my super pale skin.

I think what I'm looking for a more neutral red that doesn't make me feel quite so self-conscious.

The Hunt continues!