Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Claire's Chunky Gold

You want some bling... I got some bling!

Sometimes you just want an in-your-face color, one that will grab everyone's attention. Thanks to lovely readers Hallmarkjunkie and her amazing daughter The Diva, I definitely have a color that fits that bill - Claire's Chunky Gold! After a quick visit and some nail polish talk, these lovely ladies had a Diva Day filled with a polish hunt (who doesn't love THOSE?) and picked up little old me a few bottles to add to my stash with this little sweetheart as one of them.

Claire's Chunky Gold

Claire's Chunky Gold is a very pale yellow jelly filled fine yellow-gold glitter and silver hex glitter. Like most glitters, this one doesn't have a really opaque nature; it took about four coats to get a good density of glitter, but I might just be really picky about that. The good news is that it dries lightening fast and has a surprisingly non-sandpaper-like finish after a thick coat of SV which is a total bonus. After two days it was a little chipped on me, but I was also working with some serious abrasives this morning, so keep that in mind!

Either way, love this polish as a glamour-rama color! Thanks again, Hallmarkjunkie and Diva!!!

Happy day, all!