Monday, August 2, 2010

Ulta Sun-sational

For the past two weeks, I was up to my neck in the East Coast while visiting family. For those of you who are geographically challenged when it comes to some of your loved ones, you know how "vacations" to see them are - namely, they are far from vacations. The Husband and I had a great but exhausting time, and thankfully we were able to squeeze in some *ahem* polish shopping as well. Okay, I was the one buying the polish, he was the one kind enough to follow me around and pretend that he was interested. If you are reading this, Husband, it was much appreciated.

As far as the shopping itself, what can I say... Ulta, you treat me well. $5 polishes on sale for $2? Well, don't mind if I do!

I love the color yellow; bananas, butter, poundcake, twinkies... I mean, come on, it's the color of some of the greatest things in life! Okay, some of them aren't even food items, and one of them is this polish - Ulta Sun-sational. I have to say, I like this! The first coat was a bit streaky and uneven and it eventually took three coats ( probably two if you are willing to gob it on, but alas I am not) for full, lush coverage, but it was totally worth it. It wore very well, too - two days of Full Beach Activities (shell collecting and kayaking included!) and only minor tip wear. Score!

Ulta - Sun-sational (lamp)

Bonus pic: Here's a photo I took while kayaking with my nephews. WARNING: Foot photo! I love me some multi-polished same-hued toesies. On a side note, we were even able to kayak with some dolphins while they played around us, how great is that?

Okay, back to business... how do you guys feel about yellow polishes? Fans or Foes?