Monday, August 2, 2010

His Choice: OPI Dim Sum Plum

When the hubs is around, I often ask him to pick a polish for me. (I usually give him a choice of about 3 that I'm debating between.) He invariably picks the 'wrong' one - aka the one I was least favouring - so this time I decided to give him a break, go with his choice, and see how it felt.

He picked OPI Dim Sum Plum - a colour I've been *loving* on my toes!

Mama and baby - I use the mini to do pedicures - a great tip from my friend Audrey!

I think this is the most under-rated polish of the OPI Hong Kong collection. I know why - it has a lot of dupes/close cousins that have been previously released - but you really shouldn't pass this one by! I personally don't have another colour like this in my collection - it's a gorgeous bright plum creme that dries darker than it appears in the bottle - and the formula is buttery, smooth, and one-coat perfection - much like it's collection-mate Jade is the New Black.

I think hubs did pretty well with this one - I had been loving it on my toes and was a little nervous about wearing it on my tips - but once I had it on I felt comfortable, especially with the short lil nails I've been sporting! Not bad, lover. Not bad at all...

Do you ever let your significant other pick out your polish? Do you agree with their choices?