Friday, August 20, 2010

Comparisons: Milani Bare in Mind and Teddy Bare and Chanel Jade Rose and Particuliere

It feels so good to have time to myself, to not worry about impending work/doom. I actually have time to swatch! Imagine that. (No, I haven't finished swatching the Essie collex yet...)

Also, it sucks to have travel-ravaged cuticles. Ugh, so dry! So dry!

No doubt we have all seen the Milani Dress Maker and Chanel Jade comp pics. I haven't seen as many Bare in Mind and Jade Rose pics or Teddy Bare and Particuliere comp pics, so I decided to do a couple this afternoon.

Milani Bare in Mind (with Chanel Jade Rose on one finger)

Yeah, you can spot the difference here from a mile away. Both needed a fourth coat to get rid of VNL (I only did three coats here). The Milani is more pink while the Chanel is more peach. I suspect that the base colors are really very similar but the Milani way overdoes the magenta shimmer while the Chanel is very subtle about it. This results in the Milani looking more pink than the Chanel. Really, hidden shimmer is my favorite thing about Jade Rose (which is my favorite pink polish, and I hate pink polishes): it's so subtle but so beautiful. I haven't posted any swatch pics of it yet because I have no good swatch pics of it. I may post my crappy ones soon though. Hey, if I'm posting deathly dry cuticles, why am I being so picky? I don't think the Chanel is $19 easier to apply but for what it's worth, it was easier to apply.

Milani Teddy Bare (with Chanel Particuliere on one finger)

This is a somewhat better dupe -- and the photo doesn't show the difference as well, alas -- but the Chanel is actually lighter than the Milani. Both apply very well: two coats each and very smooth. And I actually like Teddy Bare better than Particuliere: Particuliere always struck me as being way too light -- egads, another swatch I haven't posted yet -- and Teddy Bare is just a bit darker with a more grey cast to it. I actually think the Milani looks more sophisticated than the Chanel. :P