Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Decidedly NOT Duck Poo: Essie Chinchilly

Despite my love for 'edgy neutral' polishes, it took me forever to pick this one up. I heard/saw that it was a grey (yay!) with a green tint (ew!). This reminds me not so pleasantly of duck poo in squishy little piles in the grass, just waiting for you to step on it with new suede shoes that can never, ever be the same again.

This is either further proof that my skin tone is just plain weird, or I got a bizarre bottle, but this does not look like duck poo on me!

Essie Chinchilly:

Once again, I've noticed that most polishes with *any* hint of purple in them tend to pull extremely purple on me. I had no idea this had any purple in it, but apparently it most every light it looks like a lighter $OPI Metro Chic on me...tres bizarre!

I tried really hard to find a light that would bring out the supposed "green" in it. This is the best I could do - and it really almost never looks like this on me in reality:

To my eye this doesn't look duck poo-ey either - just a nice, slate grey.

The formula was quite thin and jelly-like. Some people might object to this, but I have no problem applying 3 coats if a polish isn't chalky (which this isn't), and the jelly-ish finish makes the polish look extra pretty and a little bit delicate on the nail.

Despite the fact that it is an interesting polish, I'm not sure I'm so into this one on me. I do think it's nice, and I like the way it takes on a purple cast on me...but it's lacking some of the sexy, smokey complexity that I love in other greige polishes. Chinchilly is cool, but I don't think its one I would reach for often, or really look forward to wearing.

Have you tried this? What does it do on your skin tone?