Monday, July 26, 2010

True Grey: RBL Concrete Jungle

Grey is just fantastic. Worn-to-tissue-paper grey t-shirts...buttery soft leather Lanvin bags...those grey suede pumps that make me feel sexy and cool (and tall)...all things that harbour amazing memories and feelings of comfort and home, but still evoke an alluring sense of coolness and self-confidence that I don't *quite* possess.

I've always loved grey, even to a point where my wardrobe became utterly uninteresting for a while back there in the 90s. So of course I'm totally psyched that grey nail polish has become 'a thing' sometime last year (2 years ago? I'm old..time flies). There are so many different grey hues - ranging from taupe to slate to dusky purple. But this is the truest grey I own! Rescue Beauty Lounge Concrete Jungle:

Normally I wouldn't post a photo that's partially in the shade, but I think it a) looks cool, b) gives you an idea of how the colour can look in reality. I've heard some people call this a blue-grey, but on me it's just the truest grey that can be. I love it with pale pinks in the summer and navy blues in the's never loud, never overdone, but also never tame and boring. I get a lot of compliments and questions on this one - makes me feel like the rockstar trendsetter that I most certainly am not!

It shames me to say it, but I also wear this one under a lot of other polishes (OPI Brand New Skates, for example). What a waste of an RBL, you say? I know...but it's just so perfect because it applies gorgeous in one coat, so it's easy to throw on under things to make them opaque! Seriously, another RBL one coat wonder. Worth the money, in my opinion.

So now that grey has been 'hip' for a while, what's your favourite grey polish??