Friday, July 9, 2010

Oranje Boven!!: Essie Cantaloupe

The little tiny country I call home - The Netherlands - is in the World Cup final!!! I don't know how many of you are following the soccer, but this is a very big deal to me and to everyone back home! I felt like I had to wear something in the orange family to commemorate this and to wish them luck for the match against Spain on Sunday!

I've been lusting after Essie Cantaloupe for a while, tried to swap in vain, and finally pulled the eBay trigger. So glad I did! I've never liked cantaloupe the fruit - I call it 'the icky orange melon' - but I am loving Cantaloupe the polish!

I never thought anything so orange could look this decent on me! I feel like this should be a part of my "Quest for Coral", but what it really is is a soft melon - it is a little bit muted, but bright and punchy enough to stay out of Grandma territory. It's a juicy summer colour and definitely has that zest I've been craving recently. Plus, I got more than a few compliments on it! (Hi Eleanor, if you're reading this!)

I think I've changed my mind on this 'icky orange melon' - it's quite delicious!

Are you supporting your team with a mani right now? Are you cheering for Holland (Yay!) or Spain (Boo!)?


P.S. Hup Holland Hup!