Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A little too calm: Essie Baby Cakes

Today I'm bringing you a really low-key, mellow polish. It's not flashy, it's not crazy, it's not any particular season, but I quite like it.

Like a lot of purples, it was hard to photograph, so I did some 'on-the-run' photos (like the second one - in my car) and still failed to show the shimmer in this polish. Honestly though, I've been seeing a lot of pictures lately of polishes that are mostly creme but have hidden shimmer *cough* Chanel Paradoxal *cough* where people only show pictures with the shimmer extremely visible, and I find it incredibly inaccurate and deceptive to the reader. So here is Essie Baby Cakes, as it often appears in reality:

Please excuse my dry cuticles - this was a time when I had to wear nitrile gloves every minute in the lab (Yay for my new latex allergy....) and rub alcohol on my hands constantly.

Essie Baby Cakes is a very pale purple polish with hidden fuchsia shimmer - the shimmer is so fine that it is very hard to capture - rather than add a new texture to the polish, it lends it a glow and makes the polish seem to have a jelly-ish texture. Think Essie Demure Vixen - but light purple. (Comparison bottle shots here.)

This is one I've reached for many times - it may not be the most exciting polish in the world, but it has a really calm vibe that I really like - like a soothing semi-opaque gemstone (light purple jade?). Right now though, I think this is a little boring for the bright/hot weather out so I'll be switching soon!

What polish has a calming effect on you?