Friday, July 23, 2010

Mini vacation/Ulta Haul

A couple of months ago, just before I headed to the US for an academic conference, one of our lovely readers suggested an Ulta polish when she heard of my desire to find "the perfect green".  Unfortunately, my conference happened to be nowhere near an Ulta (pity since they don't exist in Canada) so I didn't have an opportunity to grab it when I last visited the States.

Last week however, I returned to the States to enjoy sunny (very sunny!) Chicago. It was a whirlwind trip - I really went just to see the Shedd Aquarium - and was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had.  If you are from Chicago, your city is amazing.  I feel privileged just being able to visit.  (And if you don't already love Shedd and everything it has to offer, go now and enjoy it!)  I also had an opportunity to check out some of the other museums in the city and I know I've gotta repeat this trip because there are just so many things to see and do.

Oh! And the bonus? An Ulta was within a stone's throw of my hotel.  Imagine my luck that Ulta was also  having a polish sale!  $2 a bottle... I hope it is as good as you guys say!  :) (Sorry for the crappy photos... I took them while at the hotel... the bf was sleeping, it was dark...the lighting sucked... but I was excited.) :P

Plum Perfect
Tutu True
Moody Blues
Blue Streak

Little Black Dress
Wild Night
Alter Ego
Femme Fatale
Material Girl