Monday, July 19, 2010

Lippmann Bad Romance

I don't know how anyone could apply this polish without humming Lady Gaga's Bad Romance to themselves. Or maybe just belting it out outright. (Same with Across the Universe... I don't even have it yet and the song's stuck on repeat in my head every time I see a swatch of it.)

Lippmann Bad Romance

First off, let me say this: this polish -- like Ruby Red Slippers before it -- is a freakin' bitch and a half to remove. And as usual with hex+glitter polishes in a dark base, I kinda feel like I've covered my nails with some sort of weird pox-like disease. This isn't to say that I don't like the effect; I actually quite love this sort of polish. But it kind makes me shudder sometimes.

Damn, this is a weird and probably inadequte review so far.

Let's start again: Bad Romance is purple hex glitter and regular glitter suspended in a black jelly. It took two coats to be opaque -- pretty good for a jelly, even a dark one -- and lasted several days without chipping. I got shrinkage with Gelous bc and Diamont tc though, which looks terrible with really dark polishes. Removal was aggravating, as expected.


It's a purple version of Ruby Red Slippers, which I liked alright and I appreciated its uniqueness. I like the purple better than the red, so I like this one a bit more...

Okay, I'm done with writing today. I can't seem to construct a sentence that actually reflects what I'm thinking.