Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some old swatches: LA Girl Disco Fever (and with Wet n Wild Gumdrop)

Some old swatches I found from what I generously call "my archives" (i.e. the bottom of one of my photo folders which has unlabeled photos).

LA Girl Disco Brites Disco Fever
Anyone who enjoys a jelly should own at least one polish from the LA Girls Disco Brites series. It's all brightly colored jellies. This one happens to be a cheery cherry red. Three coats, glossy and squishy. :) Please excuse the uneven nails...

LA Girls Disco Fever with Wet n Wild Flirt Gumdrop
I haven't yet been wowed by the WnW Flirt line which offers slightly smaller polishes (0.29fl oz vs the normal 0.5fl oz) at $2 each. This one was just a normal sparse bronzy glitter. Eh.