Friday, July 23, 2010

Pink & Purple Mixed: Essie Splash of Grenadine

Today I have for you another offering from the Essie Resort Collection - this time, Splash of Grenadine. Just like its sister Turquoise & Caicos, it makes me want to sit in a lounge chair and sip a cocktail on the beach. Great marketing at work here!

Another gorgeous pinky-purple creme! Sometimes I feel like I have too many of this breed of polish, but I am attracted to this part of the spectrum on some basal level that reaches deep into my childhood. I remember being a little kid in daycare, sitting on the floor and furiously scribbling on a plain white piece of paper in crayon. The teacher/minder came up and asked me what I was drawing (in that patronizing way only adults who are around children 24/7 can have). "My favourite colour," I said. "And what's that?" I gave her the stink eye. "Pink and purple mixed."

(I have a crazy-great memory. My mother says "It's not normal to remember everything. It must be because you have mental problems." Love you, Mom...)

So I'm going to just cite my childhood attraction to 'pink and purple mixed' as my excuse for having so many of these polishes. I think the blue in them helps to flatter my cool skintone. Or I just like it - either way, pass the pina colada!

What was your favourite colour as a child?