Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Essence Check Me Out

We’ve all got certain soft spots for particular polishes, don’t we? Perhaps you’re always looking for the perfect red and can’t help but picking up every bottle of red you see, or perhaps you are a glitter gal and can’t help but run to the cash register holding every bottle with the slightest bit of sparkle. My mother is one of those women who can’t pass up a sheer yet has a box of eerily similar looking polishes that she SWEARS are different, and here is the kicker – she hates all of them. One is too pink, three are too brown, etc. Hysterical.

If I have a soft spot for any particular KIND of polishes, it is the polish that I refer to as a Perfect Storm. For me, the Perfect Storm is both affordable (read: cheap) and a fabulous, striking color. I’m sick of affordable (read: cheap) polishes all looking similar (read: pink). I don’t have a problem with pink polish, mind you, I just wish there were affordable (you know the drill) polishes that were more unique.

Because of my love of the Perfect Storm, I was immediately drawn to the Essence polishes and their interesting palette when I first read about them on the nail blogs. Due to the fact that I am geographically challenged when it comes to being close to an Ulta, it took me a little while to get my hands on one of these lovelies. When finally able to confront an Essence display in real life, I found myself grabbing “Check Me Out” without a second’s hesitation.

Essence - Check Me Out (lamp)

Essence - Check Me Out (sun)

Check Me Out is a lovely spring green in the bottle and on the tips that reminds me of wiggling my toes in freshly cut grass. (wiggle wiggle… you know you can picture it) It's not as deep and posh-looking as Essie's new Pretty Edgy, but instead has more of an Easter-green feel to it.

Two coats were all it took to achieve fairly-even, fairly VNL-free coverage, and I am more that 99 cents worth of happy with it. I love the unique hue and small size; it's perfect for a polish change with a kick while traveling. Granted, the wear wasn't the best - I'm rocking a little tip wear and a small chip that was probably my fault after 24 hours, but repeat after me... 99 cents. 99 cents. It's the Perfect Storm!

Happy day, all!