Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ciate Sharp Tailoring and Mojito

Today, one of my favorite Ciate polishes and one of my least favorite Ciate polishes...

Ciate Sharp Tailoring

I thought this was a very elegant color: a light greige with silver shimmer. (The shimmer may be gold, it's hard to tell.) It applied wonderfully in two coats. I wore this for four days and I believe this photo was taken on the third day of wear: virtually no tipwear and no chips at all with Gelous basecoat and Diamont topcoat. Oddly enough, I've had less time to do my nails during this summer and have been wearing my manis for longer than the regular school year.

Ciate Mojito

This one was definitely not worth the $13+ I paid for it. Four coats, still not completely even or opaque. And then it refused to dry and got all smudged and ruined two hours after I applied it. I love greens but because I love them, I have a thousand of them... and because I have a thousand greens, I don't want any not-completely-fabulous greens.

Thanks to everyone for their encouraging words re: my freaking out about my impending talk. I'm such a terrible public speaker... sometimes. Sometimes I'm actually pretty good and I can be very entertaining... but those are usually talks that I don't care about. I think I do well in them because I'm relaxed. I usually suck very much at talks where I really care about how I'm sounding. Take my second year talk: I fit a sixteen minute talk into the span of ten minutes. Uh, nerves get to me. This is the first time I'm facing a bunch of strangers and talking. Smart strangers! Scary smart strangers. That is, they are scarily smart... and they may just be scary. It'll get better with time when I start knowing people in this field more -- then there will always be a few friendly faces -- but this is throwing myself into the deep end. Glub, glub.

All serious concerns aside, I've been considering getting my nails Shellac'ed so I don't have to think about them the week leading up to the conference. There's one salon near me that does them... I think. They are listed on the CND website but I can't find any web presence (not even Yelp reviews) at all.