Sunday, July 18, 2010

Orly Rage - love at second coat

Okay, so I have to make a confession - I wanted this polish. No, I NEEDED this polish. I am not a flashy girlie girl, but when I saw the Orly Foil FX Collection begin to grace the blogs of nail superstars everywhere, I felt compelled to own this rose gold beauty. Since I normally sway between buying everything that catches my eye and having the death grip on my credit card of a frugalista, I held out on purchasing this one online until I had a few polishes that I simply couldn't wait for any longer, and then... *gasp* it was UNAVAILABLE. "Don't do this to me!" I cried at the screen.

Needless to say, all things shall pass and this little lovely came back. Here she is during my first ever run with her on my tips.

Orly Rage - Lamp Light

Orly Rage - Shade

After the first coat, I have to say, I was a little disappointed. Sure, it was shiny, and sure, it was rose gold, but it was also... old. It was a little too frosty and a little too transparent, and I was pretty sure that my little hopes and dreams were about to shatter.

And then, I applied the second coat. Hooray! The clouds parted and the angels sang, and now I am in love-love-love once again. Orly Rage, much like the other polishes in the Foil FX Collection for Spring 2010, are so metallic that they are shocking to the eye. What sticks out to me about Rage, however, is her unique color; a pinkish gold like this is definitely special in my stash.

SIDE NOTE: Please excuse the slight tinge of yellow on the bottle, it's a new kid mistake - I was wearing a yellow tee-shirt while photographing. : )

Happy day, all!