Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who needs Minx? OPI Dazzled by Gold!!

Big shout-out to mudmaskhoockie on MUA! She swapped with me and I'm so so so glad I finally got my hands on this lovely! It feels like sweet retribution because another polish from this collection, Visions of Sugarplum, was swap-lifted from me. :( So thank you my dear friend!

Now to the good stuff - here is OPI Dazzled by Gold:

Another shot for good measure...

My nails out on the town in DC - see the depth of the shimmer even in the dark? Dare I say it's...dazzling?

Even in the tiniest speck of candlelight, the polish just glows...

My obsession with metallic polishes continues! I love that they go with everything and add some modern oomph to any outfit.

Dazzled by Gold in particular is just gilded perfection! Not only is this a gold hue that I think works with my skin tone, but it is the same foil-y shimmer-y finish as my beloved OPI DS Glow! In the sun you can see the explosion of shimmer, but in low lighting it just smolders, which is even prettier. Because it looks so downright sexy even in the shade, I think that this will be a great pick-me-up in the winter season!

After my brief and doomed affair with Dior Gold Nugget, I felt that perhaps gold wasn't for me. (I also feel like a real chump for dropping so much money on a polish that I ended up not liking...) Luckily, Dazzled by Gold came into my life and showed me that there is a gold out there for everyone! It takes the cake in my collection as my number 1 gold, and as soon as I can get Gold Nugget to move out of the mansion, we will be in a monogamous golden relationship.

What is your favourite gold polish?