Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My recent franken efforts

***PSSSST!!! A change is coming to PoP. Stay tuned.***

I wanted a little family of darkened jelly glitters. China Glaze does these so well, but a couple of them are very wrong for my skin tone (Ruby Pumps, Dorothy Who) so I thought I would attempt my own.


(2 coats - forgive the tear plz)

2 Parts Brucci Black + Blue, 1 part random red jelly, 1 part Color Club Tru Passion.


(3 coats)

2 parts Brucci Black + Blue, 1 part Sation silver glitter, 2 parts Color Club Sexy Siren.


(2 coats)

2 parts A! Raisin, 1 part random red jelly (this was a mistake), 1 part Color Club Art of Seduction (this should have been 2 parts instead of 1 part red jelly), couple dollops gold glitter (wish there was more).


(2 coats)

So sad about this one. Wanted it to be much more teal than it ended up. For whatever reason, the green completely overpowers the blue despite there being pretty much equal parts of each in there.

1 part Nfu-Oh 569, 1 part Brucci Black+Blue, 1 part Sexy Siren, 1 part Object of Envy.

***PSSSST!!! A change is coming to PoP. Stay tuned.***