Tuesday, June 22, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection swatches, Part I of III

China Glaze sent me the Vintage Vixen collection to review. And my biggest regret is that I've had to nubbinize my nails before swatching because I finally have finished pampering my previously injured pinky nail and am sick of attempting three-fingered swatches: in the interest of having my nails roughly the same length, I quickly sawed off several millimeters off of all of my nails. And now I am sad because they feel and look so stubby. :(

China Glaze Hey Doll

I don't know how quite to describe the color of this polish. A brown-leaning burgundy (redwood, perhaps?) foil. It would be a dull color as a creme but as a foil, it burns beautifully in the sunlight. Two coats.

China Glaze Classic Camel

This is just perfectly named: the color reminds me so much of a camel coat. It's an odd mustardy color... with a texture that also reminds me of mustard. It's great and smooth (and opaque) in three coats but the first two looked kinda... chunky. I don't know if that's due to the color of the pigment or because of the gold shimmer. A little off-putting at first but it's good to go and normal-looking after the third coat. This is probably one of my favorites from the collection: I have nothing else like it and the gold shimmer really does liven it up.

China Glaze Riveter Rouge

I think I would've gotten a great kick out of this name if it were Riveter Rose. But Riveter Rouge it is. This one I'm so-so on, mostly because I think it short nails do it no justice and it does no justice to short nails: it looks like a red shimmer (almost a foil) but is studded with sparse gold glitter. So it has the sort of burning shine that foils have but that burn is enhanced with the gold glitter. It's a very festive color but not my cup of tea. Two coats.

China Glaze Ingrid

I LOVE this color. I have it on now as an NOTD. I was going to put on a light blue or some color my SO really likes because he's coming home today from a four-day trip... but I decided that I wanted this color instead! Perfect dark taupe with the liveliest bronze shimmer. It's such a pretty spin on what's been a very chic, popular color of late. I did three coats for the swatch but my NOTD looks great with just two coats. It dried very quickly with Diamont, too.

I hope to get the rest of the Vintage Vixen collection swatched soon. :)